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When your technologies power a third of the planet and your software manages 40% of the world’s energy, it gives you a unique view of the entire energy ecosystem and future trends like no one else. Since Thomas Edison’s demonstration of the first commercial power station in New York, GE innovations have played a leading role in creating and shaping the modern day electrical grid as we know it today.

Today, GE researchers are on the front lines of defining a new chapter in energy that is more diverse, more distributed and more digitized in how it is managed. We have a new energy storage platform called The Reservoir, which will help operators manage a more diverse and distributed mix of energy resources that involve higher penetrations of renewable power.  We’re developing and deploying new digital solutions that involve Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Industrial Controls and Blockchain to maximize the efficiency and performance of power generation and energy management. And we continue to drive new advances in materials, combustion and electric power to push the limits of energy efficiency even higher across a broad range of assets that range from combined cycle power plants to renewables like wind power.     

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